28 August 2008

the face of 4

Mercer is 4 today....

me: You are still getting bigger! I don't want you to get bigger.
mo: Because I am eating lots of food, that's why I am growing and growing. I want to be big like the other kids.

me: :(

more to come later...

short list:

  1. Lilli's first soccer practice, ever. She had quite the outfit, including arm warmers.
  2. Open house at Karen P's house -"Karen does my hair" out in Liberty Lake - had a great night. Met lots of new BFFs.
  3. I am a bad mom. I don't even have a chocolate cake mix or frosting yet for my little boy's chocolate on chocolate Wall*E cake. And I will be at Silverwood all day long. And you know how I feel about cakes. See here, here and here...
and we have more walls on our house.
lots more pictures to come. when the time presents itself. right now the time is right for going to bed.


Nicole Durtschi August 29, 2008 at 12:25 AM  

Hi Randi, I met you at Karen's open house yesterday and just wanted to tell you that your photography is beautiful! I looked through your portfolio and have bookmarked your site for future use! I just LOVE how you capture the candid moments!


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