15 June 2008


I was done having kids (at least for several years) after Mercer. 3 was about all I felt I could handle... being the less than amazing mother that I am. But slowly I found myself thinking I should buy prenatal vitamins at Costco and lingering in front of baby names books. It was so odd. "No, no, no ." I would tell myself. I am done!

Then on a trip to Cali from Utah, George and I were talking and we both basically said, "I think we are supposed to have another baby."

We spent the rest of the car ride thinking of names and talking about what the age difference would be between this one and Mercer and school and cribs and diapers. I was pregnant by the end of the month.
Rori came June 15th. I changed doctors at week 36, because I just was not feeling this doctor and she wouldn't promise induction, a prerequisite for me as I don't deal with pain. We moved to CA mid pregnancy as well (same as all the other kids), but I was so excited for Rori to come.

We picked her name during another road trip between Utah and Spokane. I was using my cell phone to look up baby name websites and came across Rori (which means red) and it stuck. Tyler liked it too. So did the Gilmore Girls.

She came out with her hand by her face, so I had a crowd of people watching because they had never seen "one of those before". She was stuck, basically, but all was well.

Rori was a great baby. No colic, no spitting up, a great sleeper by the second month (she had to be - she was born 9lbs and a few oz). The kids adored her. Especially Dexter.

They still do. They still fight -EVERYDAY- about who gets to sit by her, who gets to talk to her. No wonder she thinks she queen...

Rori has a sense of humor, she is prideful and curious. She is cuddly when she wants to be and knows how to withhold affection to get attention and get her way. But there's not much that can melt me like her jumping up and down in her crib saying "MOM!" after her nap.

She has a great memory and she's really smart. I love to hear her talk. She loves to ask for a "woovie" and then not watch it. She'd rather sit on my lap while I'm working on the computer and "coloh" with all my pens on my bills and notes.

I love her mullet and her dark eyelashes. I love her little lips and round legs.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday by going on a bike ride, getting a Krispy Kreme (what? we parked right there). Then we had pizza and a YO GABBA GABBA cake. I think her favorite thing was blowing bubbles. She went to bed asking for "bubohs".

I can't believe my baby is 2. She has been such a joy. I knew right after we brought her home we needed her in our family. She brought such a peace to our family (said peace is long gone) and now just a lot of fun and energy.

love you rors.


Live everyday to its fullest June 15, 2008 at 8:38 PM  

Oh she is such a doll Randi...Thanks heavens you had her! I am sure the fam wouldnt be the same without her...my parents thought forsure they were done after Janae...3 more later~


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