31 December 2009

Christmas a la Brunt

Okay, long overdue. Totally slacking in the blog dept.

For Christmas we went to Island Park, to spend the holiday with George's fam. We haven't been all together with the Brunts in a few years - so I braved the packing and logistic challenges and headed over for a white & cold Christmas.

We did some sledding,
and being pulled behind the truck on a sled-ding,
a little bit of snowmobiling (sad that the only photos we got of this were at the gas station),

and the tradional matching jams from Mimi on Christmas Eve.
This was immediately following our Christmas Pageant. It was awesome. Ryan, you make a good donkey/brown rock-blob.
The boys' jams were 100% silk long johns so they got SUPER amped up because they said they felt EXACTLY like ninjas. What were they supposed to do?

How about some sugar to go with that crazy energy on Christmas Eve? Making cookies for Santa.

Here you go, Santa.

Santa was so nice. He tasted every single cookie, laden with sprinkles.

Christmas morning loot. This photo is of Lilli, freaking out at her Caboodles filled with make-up from Santa. I know. I know.

The guitar shirts with amps that go to 11 were a HIT. Loud, but rock-tastic.

The aftermath.

Dexter with his cousin Weston. They got matching Legos. Santa was on the same page with both boys.... whew.

Rori is my little kitchen helper.


make-over time


ALLLLLL day on Christmas, Lilli sat in the family room with her stocked Caboodle, adding more and more make - up. By dinner time, something had to be said. Sadly I did not take a photo. I took her into the bathroom and very politely told her that she looked like a clown and that the purple eye shadow was not blush because now she looked like she was bruised, but that the bright blue beams through the yellow on her eyes had a very nice effect.

Merry Christmas.


Ashley January 1, 2010 at 8:18 PM  

Ok, that picture of Rori in the chef's hat is my favorite photo EVER - what a doll! I can relate to the make-up issue... Brooke covers herself in it constantly, but forgot what she was doing and carefully applied nail polish all over her FACE and eyelids yesterday. It was a very unpleasant removal process for everyone :) Happy New Year!

brooke johnson January 2, 2010 at 6:32 PM  

Merry Christmas! Looks like a fun filled year of great memories for everyone. :)

Randi January 4, 2010 at 2:55 PM  

ahhh! on the face?? that is awful!


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