24 October 2009

warning: unnecessary overusage of stripes ahead

You know life is going by too fast when your oldest says, "I can't believe how fast this year is going. I can't believe it is almost Christmas again. It feels like we just had Christmas."
Yes. Life is going by too fast.
Way too fast.

the redheads stuck on Indiana Jones. Technical difficulties due to an overabundance of stripes.

we had a great trip to OC. of which I am sure I will post more. along with more family pictures from back in Sept, Hawaii pictures, and life going on at tornado wind speeds. but tonight as I should be working, i unloaded my cards onto the computer, I was looking for this photo. I had Dexter take this photo of me and mo (i have learned to just ask sometimes so that I can be in the photos).

He had fallen sound asleep on my mom's lap around 7:30 at Disneyland, as Dexter and I went on Star Tours again, waiting for the fireworks. When I came back and saw him, all I wanted to do was hold him. Time is going by so fast. I can't lift him anymore - the kid is rock solid. But I can still hold him. And I was so grateful. Soon he will be 8. Then 12. Then gone. And it was just Christmas.

I think George felt the same. As soon as he got back from Space Mountain, he took him from me.



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