25 October 2009

finally, some family time








I don't work on clients' photos on Sundays. I reserve that time for family, resting, observing Sunday worship and working on family stuff. Today I sat down and went through these images again and picked out some of my favorites. It was fun to go back through them and notice my kids' faces.

The first time you go through the photos - you are only looking at yourself. The second time, you are only looking to see what your body looks like. The third or fourth time you might look to see what you husband is doing. Then finally, you look at each of your kids and see what they were doing during the shot. Dexter was giving some great looks and Mercer was in his own world... so funny.

I am okay with using photos that I don't look great in. I am not photogenic, so there are few that I love of myself. LOVE. Ha! Anyway, I look for composition and for connection between us and for the feel of the photo. Those are the ones I love. :) And these are some of the ones I love that Janna took of us.

Now, I should probably go see if there is any food for dinner...


Natalie Jane October 26, 2009 at 5:44 AM  

These are incredible Randi.


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