24 October 2009

pumpkin patch, 2.O and 3.O

On Monday night, I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch, before G & I and the boys headed out of town. So we loaded up and headed for Carver farms. First we made a little stop at LL elem for D to pick up his work load for the week of absence. In the parking lot, G & I decided this would be a nice dream car for him to dream about owning someday.

I turned around and found Rori very prepared for any type of inclement weather we might encounter out in the countryside.

Surprise! Carver farms is closed on Mondays! What?? In October? Sorry carver. That is lame.

Pumpkins, plan B. Call friends who are somewhat in the country and ask if they know anyone selling pumpkins.

Pumpkins, plan C. Drive around Otis until we find some.


free hay ride. plenty of people to haul. including 2 sets of twins.

and this kid. :)

after a LONG hayride, which included but was not limited to: smashing pumpkins (not the band) by our driver, lots of curvy snaky trails through what was left of the corn, smashing squash, humor and keeping Mercer seated; we stopped to get some corn.

this kid was there too. :)

and Rori found some special corn, and actually posed this way for the photo.

everyone hold still and smile!
thanks mercer.

afterward, we invited the fam over for some dinner and caramel apples.

they were a hit!
next time I won't stick them on aluminum foil before chilling.

There you have it. Pumpkin Patch, v. 2.O and 3.O.
1.O was the field trip with Mo's class.


The Ekstroms October 25, 2009 at 10:32 AM  

I'm so glad I'm one of your "country friends" :) I'll take that. Did you end up going to the one on star? I'm glad you found one before you left. Looks like it was fun!

Randi October 25, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

yes. you are my country friend. :)

we went to one just down wellesley from your house... pretty wiped out, but still fun.


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