09 May 2009

soccer in spring

Last night instead of soccer practice, Lilli's coach treated the team to dinner at Red Robin where Lilli got her very first trophy. She was so proud. So proud in fact that we called grandma on the way home to tell her, and then she washed it off in the hose outside today.

"This trophy is golden, and gold is rich, so how did our coach get these for all of us?"
"Well, it's not real gold, honey."
"Well, its real metal and metal is rich."

Today was the last day of the spring soccer season around here. Here are some photos. I finally took some pictures. (Sorry in advance for the over-sharpening that happened somewhere between iPhoto & picasa web albums. Did not happen on purpose.)

I like this one where Andrew is showing Dexter where he should be. And Dexter is unaware.

I like this one where Rori looks like she is practicing her form. She really just missed the ball.

I like this one where D and his team mate are about to kick each other in the shins.

I like this one where Dexter looks tough. He's not. Well, not that much.

I like this one where Lilli almost came close to a goal. (She actually did score one today. It was a very proud moment for me.)

Silly string for some silly girls.

Soccer was followed by Dexter's first piano recital...

the solo

the duet

The end.

Happy Mother's Day



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