11 May 2009

for myself, on mother's day

Mother's Day started on Friday afternoon, when the doorbell rang. The kids (& I) were ecstatic to see the sugar cookies all wrapped in cellophane. Thank you mom & dad!!!!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. After a pancake breakfast from G, we got ready for and attended church. The primary children were the opening number. Lilli rocked it out. RS was great for me. I was very emotional all day and I was asked by the RS teacher to share a little bit. Let's just say that I do the ugly cry... but it was an uplifting day at church for me. Jessica R. shared the story behind the song "I often go walking" and I will never sing that song the same way again....

After snack and watching the gift from our bishopric, the Testaments, I wanted to get outside and take some pictures. Actually I wanted G to take some pictures of me with my kids on mother's day.

We found a great spot. :)

not sure where Rori's photo is.....

Here G told the kids to be robots. Like robots, they obeyed.

Tree blossoms and sunshine.

the end.


Nate and Amy Family May 11, 2009 at 2:08 PM  

What a dreamy day! I love a day that celebrates the wonder of being a mother, and your pictures captured it so well. You're so darling!


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