30 August 2008

big parks and small parks

Being the former Disneyland Season Passholders that we were, I was very skeptical of Silverwood, the Northwest's idea of a theme park... Didn't think we'd have that much fun to be honest.... Bit snobby? Yes.
But we actually had a great time. Even the birthday boy.

UNLIKE Disneyland, this place is NO place for babies or toddlers. NO one under 42" can go on very many of the rides basically. Luckily, I traded Staci - Sydni for Rori, so it worked out great.

My favorite was the big wooden one, Tremors, I think. Mercer loved the Ferris Wheel. Dexter went on, was terrified by and wants to try again Aftershock. Lilli was just happy to be there, and Sydni kept wishing we could go on all the ones we didn't make it to. And next time we'll make it over to the water slides.



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