01 August 2008


This is my 100th post.
To celebrate my postiness, and the fact that we are back from our 2 week trip to Island Park/Yellowstone, I will be posting lots of pictures (I took 750 - I need to do something with them). I don't expect anyone to look and examine all of them - but I wanted a sense of our summer, for our posterity.

It started out with the annual Brunt Family Reunion - going back to George's Great Grandpa and all his descendants (no - he's not still alive).

the kids enjoyed races and games while the adults had an auction to raise funds for next year. BRILLIANT if you ask me.

treats for the participants

the rodeo at Meadowview Ranch

D,L,M and cousin Weston participated in the chasing down of the calf for it's ribbon

the group at the rodeo

we spent a lot of the time barefoot - I love summer
when I say we, that does not include G

this is halfway through an ATV ride
3 adults, 6 kids, one bag of white cheddar pop corn

Grandpa and D on the little ATV

at Cave Falls

yes, Mercer is asleep in the bottom of the kayak

Mesa Falls

Mimi and Dexter
on Mt. Sawtelle
the group of Daines that made it to Mack's
on Mt. Sawtelle, elev. 8700

for Adrienne's birthday, we went to Cliff and Wade Lakes

and of course a trip into the park
Norris Geyser Basin

ice lake
they were just "helping nature"

doing some damage with Wilcoxen's Fudge Bars

after 2 weeks - all tuckered out (with the aid of some Melatonin)

I love going to Island Park. It a place that forces me to just BE with the kids, to spend time with them. No other distractions. We saw bears, some closer up than others, moose, eagles, beavers and lots of other animals. Waterfalls, meadows, mountains and got dirty, wet and had an amazing time.
portrait of the photographer by Dexter, Ice Lake, July 2008


Jessica August 1, 2008 at 7:55 PM  

You guys should try to do something fun the next time you go...

Live everyday to its fullest August 3, 2008 at 2:30 PM  

Beautful pics Randi...Looks like a blast and I lOVE the one of Lilli sleeping...classic!


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