12 June 2008

Thursday Things

(the pictures in this post are not related in the least to the content, but i felt bad that these kids are barely mentioned in passing)

I am going to try to keep better tabs on our lives... for journalistic purposes. Prepare yourselves.

Maybe it was to have another bribing power, maybe it wasn't - but George and I (with a helpful suggestion from my sister) decided to do date nights once a week with the kids. So each kid gets a Wednesday night out with either mom or dad. Last week was our first week. I took Lilli to Build-a-Bear, our first ever trip there, to use some gift cards she had received for Christmas from her wonderful cousin Adrienne.

So we go to "Builder Bear" (sorry no pictures) and we have a good time. The worker is helpful and says all the right fun things with less than half the enthusiasm. But Lilli is having a good time. She picks out a bunny and adds a Tinkerbell outfit with a wand. It sings a birthday song that she plays over and over. As we are getting ready to leave, I ask if she had a good time and can I have a hug.

She looks at me the way I know I looked at my mom when I was like 16 and she'd show up to a YM activity or youth dance at the wrong time. "Um.. please don't identify me as your child right now." She looked at me and very slightly and slowly shook her head from side to side, so as not to attract any attention.

Holy cow.
She is 5. (see my previous post)
I asked her later why she wouldn't give me a hug in the store. "Because I didn't want to do it front of other people..." or something to that effect. As long as she still loves me in private... She assured me she does.


love this expression - it is so hot right now

Last night was supposed to be Mercer's date night (Dexter lost his turn to some behavioral issues) and I totally forgot. He wanted to go on a bike ride. So tonight, I loaded up George's truck with my bike and the trailer and Mercer and I went the Centennial Trail for an evening cruise. It was really pleasant. He mostly told me to go fast like Speed Racer and started my engine for me several times with great engine noises. He found Lilli's Hello Kitty umbrella and decided to put that up to block the wind. Mercer was a great date. Mostly because at the end I said, "I love you, Mo." and he said, "I love you too, Mom."

But then again, that was in private.



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