13 June 2008

First Grade, again

Yesterday when I picked Dexter up from school, I was struck with a bit of emotion that this school year has flown by and is now over. He is old. 2nd grade sounds... big. I told him that I was sad it was over and he said, "Yeah me too. I wish I had like.. a whole 'nuther year of first grade."

We got to talking about how I didn't want him to get older (this is big with me right now - Rori is turning 2 in a few days too) and how as kids get older they don't want their moms around anymore. He asked when then would happen. "Like when I am 8 or 10?"

"No more like when you are a teenager."

This morning, I again said that I was sad that this was his last day. Dexter said, "Me too. But I still won't be a teenager yet."


I wish he could do first grade, again. Put off being a teenager for just one more year.



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