29 January 2010

things we've been up to

but haven't posted about...

So way back in November, we did go to the Lion King. We had a fun lunch at the Onion with Grandma and all other attendees of the Daines fam (K&H, J&K, Staci & Sydni). Sorry Kiley, but next time it comes through town, I will probably pass.

Then we had Christmas, which I did post about.
Then I got older, which I did not post about. This birthday was hard for me. Harder than 30. 32. NOW I am officially IN my thirties. ouch.

George made his best attempt at my favorite Christmas pie. It was this awesome pie my mom got every year for my birthday from Baker's Square in CA. It was like a french silk mixed with minty goodness that only came out at Christmas time. No longer to be found. :( G did his best.

The day after my birthday, my good friend Candy took me out to lunch and surprised me with some friends showing up. Only, I had to ruin it by changing the time and then no one knew it was changed so it wasn't such a surprise. :P Shame on me. It was a fun lunch though. And Candy treated everyone. And tried to talk me into eyelash extensions. She is so awesome.

Then on New Year's Eve, we went to First Night which I posted the news clip with Rori in it. I think my kids' favorite part was the bus ride. I have to admit I enjoyed it myself. I felt so ..urban.
The whole thing was really well done and well put together. I was impressed with the level of crafts. I am no crafter at home with my kids, so they were in heaven. Glue, scissors, tissue paper, beads, sparkly things, cardboard, colored tape! The list goes on.

On the first Friday after New Year's we went to the Albrecht's Party which has already been well blogged here. Spent WAAAAAY too much at Value Village on gross clothes and spent WAAAAY too much time adjusting the one piece get up I was wearing so that it would fit me. Oh, well. We looked awesome.

On Friday nights, we can now be found at Greenacres Middle School watching dad shoot baskets.

Zips is usually a good option for on the way home.

I had a part in orchestrating 2 showers for Staci (ma soeur) and new little baby girl coming next week!! First, I told Melissa that I wanted to have a shower for Staci and that we should do it at her home. She very graciously agreed. (I can be so bossy!)

Then last night, we did a family shower at PF Chizzy's. It was so fun to get together and talk about hair and babies and who likes the smell of coffee (Kiley & Cassie) and who gags in a Starbucks (me & Staci) and working out and scarves and tickle fights. (Threw that last one in to see if George is really reading this.) BTW Leslie! I received LOTS of compliments on the scarf you gave me for Christmas! Even our waiter. I slipped him my number.
Oh, back to dinner. It was super fun. The Dan-Dan noodles and Great Wall of Chocolate did not disappoint.
After dinner, the weaker, older ones headed home. :P Us youngsters went down the street to the Magic Lantern (btw - it has moved) and watched The Young Victoria. It was so good. I didn't want it to end. LOVED it. LOVE the Magic Lantern. For those not in the know, it is this old theater downtown with old chairs and you can listen to the old school reel rolling the film right over your shoulder. Chairs- cool to look at, not so comfy. I want to do a photo shoot in there...

Well, that covered a lot of what has been going on with the Brunts. Okay, so it was mostly about me.


kiley January 29, 2010 at 2:22 PM  
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kiley January 29, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

love the catch up. We never did discuss those who did and did not enjoy The Lion King did we. Sorry it dissapointed. :) Had a super fun night last night... we need to do that more often.

Staci January 29, 2010 at 4:04 PM  

Really ..... you blog about your birthday and no mention of the five hours of cooking Dan did to prepare Thai food... :)

Lisa C January 29, 2010 at 5:02 PM  

PS I am still following your blog and it still makes me smile (especially the tickle fights comment!)
PS2: can't wait to see photo-shoot pictures from that theatre....when you do them!! :)

Randi January 29, 2010 at 5:51 PM  

Dan's Thai food - it merits a post of its own! I have been waiting to post about him opening his own restaurant until I take some photos!


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