03 December 2009

where have eye been?



first mercer caught the pink eye and then gave it to dexter. dexter then beat it and was FINALLY able to return to school. after all of thanksgiving break and 2 more days of being at home with all day pajama party/Star Wars Lego marathons - HE WAS READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL, or so I told him.

now rori has it. her little eyes were SO swollen today. :(

I am so far behind in blogging its unreal. i think this is like the longest i've gone without a post.

if you want to see some of what I've been up to - you can check out Kiley's blog. She's been doing some good posting.

New Moon Premier at midnight preceeded by some sisterly shopping and an awesome party at COCO's.

Thanksgiving that was everything it was supposed to be and more with the entire Daines crew out at the lake.

hayden lake, nov 09

Including: food, Star Trek, some major Lego building, football, ultimate frisbee, photos, Austin's priesthood ordination, 3-4 babies, 15-16 kids, 14 adults, laughter, diapers, spills, Lincoln logs and lots of fun.

Also went to Lion King. Read Kiley's post. Better than anything I can write right now. I shed a tear on her post. Took Rori & Lilli. "When is this going to be done?"

What else.... ?

Heading to Utah tomorrow - still have room for one photo session if anyone is interested!

Lots of other things I am sure. But that is it for now!! Happy December!


kiley December 4, 2009 at 12:18 PM  

I love how Mercer looks like he's trying to push his nose aside so you can get a good shot of his eyes :). So sorry you're having to deal with this crud! Let me know if you need anything.


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