03 September 2009


Last night, I felt like I was 20 again.

When I met George he was in a band. We spent our dating months and first year of marriage hanging out at the studio, then June Audio, and at shows at night at the Zephyr in SLC and the Wrapsody in Provo. When I wasn't at one of George's shows, we would go see other bands. When we lived in NYC, unfortunately we did NOT spend money or time going to all the museums or places of cultural significance. We walked by them. But at night we went and saw bands that no one had heard of here yet. Modest Mouse, Cat Power, Ida, Innocence Mission, Elliott Smith, Low... George went to way more than I did. But that is what we did. We also saw Morrissey in NYC too.

Then we had kids. George kept going to shows and occasionally I would go if it was someone I was really interested in. But living in the OC and Springville, we didn't get out as much as we'd like.... Time. Age.

Last night we went to see Cass McCombs and Band of Horses. Both of which I love. I was shocked first of all at how nice the venue was here in Spokaloo. The Knitting Factory is big and really cool. Then, there were SO many people there. George and I were musing at how so many people in Spokane knew of Band of Horses when no one I have ever talked to has heard of them... but then again, we could have been 2 of the oldest people in the audience.

It was such a good show. I totally had goosebumps through the first 2 numbers. The crowd was awesome and it made me wonder why I had stopped going to shows. But then, I started to notice the crowd around me:

First there was lovey-dovey couple in front of me. Each new song that started earned the boyfriend a big doey eyed smile and a wet kiss and a rub of her head down his shoulder. I kept thinking, "Yeah, they're going to make it..."

Next there was too big bag girl. You know the girl that brings her HUGE Dooney & Burke clearance bag when everyone is smashed in together and she is swinging around with her baggage knocking into everybody. What is in there that you need at a show??

Then there is never-been-out-in-public boy. Its the kid that worked his way to the front of the stage, turns around and jumps up and down through every song, facing the crowd, arms flailing about. Even in the slow songs, the jumps just get a little softer... I got his number.

Those are just a few of the fun fans around me last night that reminded me why I had taken a break from shows. All those aside, it was a fantastic show, complete with delicious post-show Slurpee for the drive home.


Mr. McMurray September 3, 2009 at 12:58 PM  

So fun that you got to go to that show! I really like going to concerts, too. You do look around and feel like the oldest person there or at least the only one married, with kids. Alex doesn't like to go so I drag Amy along. Definitely helps to keep me young or at least young feeling.

Bethany September 4, 2009 at 3:47 PM  

I always look into going to concerts and then I remember going to a Beastie Boys show when I was younger. Suddenly staying home watching Nemo with the kids sounds appealing.


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