26 July 2009


hanging out at the lake on Saturdays,

more baths happen in the summer

our yard is changing! whoo hoo!

samantha & skylee were here for a week! we miss them now. :(

rori face

and again. goggles during scriptures. sure.

enjoying our summer evening view. (iphone pic!)

toilet tag. (who came up with that one?)

mo's new look.

today. rori and her buddy.

i think i have been taking summer vacation way too literally. everyday is mostly carefree, schedule-less, hot. breakfast has been happening around 9:30 when the last child finally rolls out of bed and meanders downstairs. that is not too much later than me... i have been sleeping in like a teenager. after breakfast we laze around, me on the computer, the kids hanging around asking to play games on my phone or building train tracks in the play room.

lunch happens near 1. sometimes 2. dinner is whenever we feel like it and i have been staying up way past my bedtime. every night. look at me. my apologies to Laura & Jessica. I have been the worst running pal. went to the premier of Harry Potter. At 12:30 am. in costume. how old am i ??

this is a random post. just needed to catch up.

Mercer asked the other day right after George left for work: "Where's Dad?"

"Where do you think, Mercer?"

"I don't know, like Africa or something?"


We were at a park a few weeks ago and Lilli was on the swing next to another girl. The other girl looked at Lilli and then said to her friend, "That girl has blue hair. I am going to get my hair dyed blue too."

Lilli looked back at me rather pleased.


George got 2 new pairs of glasses. His other ones broke when he got kicked in the face in a cage fight. I mean, while pushing one of the kids on a swing. Same diff. Anyways, let's just say that I like ONE of the pairs. The other one, not so much. He conveniently scurried off to Vegas for the weekend before he could take any verbal abuse. I will definitely get some photos for all those who are interested in George's fashion. AND he finally got his haircut. Thank you to all of you who put up with the latest cut. This one is better. NOW you are ALL interested.


Lastly and lately,

I have found my true calling. Today I went to J. Crew to look at their sale stuff. I identify my style with J.Crew even though I own like 3 shirts from there that were on clearance and one pair of jeans... anyways, I went there and they have this behind the scenes page from a photo shoot they did in Carmel CA, etc. That is my new dream job. NO. GOAL. I want to be a photographer for J.Crew. Just putting that out there. Maybe it will come back to me. :)

That's what's been up with our brood lately.


Listening to:
Interpol. Josh Ritter. Cass McCombs. new Depeche.

Hot dogs. BBQ chicken. Strawberry lemonade from a mix. strawberry miniwheats.

Lots of photos. Sprinklers (thank you Seligers). baths. geo-trax. reading WW 2 books survival stories. why? not sure, but they are good.

Wishing for:
a trampoline. new wardrobe. new hair.

Grateful for:
a lot. we are happy and very blessed.


Roux686 July 27, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

You know you love those books. Don't hate.

The Ekstroms August 5, 2009 at 10:27 PM  

Love the update, isn't summer crazy? I feel like maybe I've never been alive through a summer before cause this is the first that has ever been crazy like this but it seems everyone else is used to summer being insane. anyways, can't wait to see G's hair, and I love that you identify w/ J. Crew. Very you. If I could be a store (large chain) I would be Anthropology, even though I own very few things from there too :)
You will take pix for JCrew some day!


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