12 July 2009

all things Island Park

This was kind of how the weather was everyday on our week - long trip to Island Park this summer. Sunny and beautiful in the mornings and by afternoon, cloud bursts that looked like this, lasted for an hour and blew away.

We spent a lot of time out on the reservoir this year. The kids LOVED tubing. Even Rori got into it this year.

Mercer was not so sure at first. He watched from the safety of the boat.... feeling things out. Once he saw Rori and Dad go out there, then he figured it was safe and he could go. :)

Then he go into it. :)

The boys loved riding the little ATV around and around and around the driveway. It is so fun to watch them. Mercer has a perma -grin and he is so proud of himself. Dexter acts like he's been riding for decades.

Then we got a whole group together with our household and the Kenitzers and headed off on a longer ride. It was a PERFECT day for it.

Our little dust covered family at the peak of our trip.

4th of July was spent doing some sparklers, watching a few fireworks at the cabin, then driving down the highway to the big show. Unfortunately my camera battery died en route, and the others were laying out on my bed, so... no awesome photos of the insane show. But I had to watch it from inside the van anyways: Rori asleep on my lap and Mercer covering his ears (it was midnight, afterall.)

This year, we finally went to the sand dunes in Saint Anthony. I had been wanting to go for years, but George HATES sand. So we never go. Okay. He doesn't hate sand. He hates sand ON him. The day was warm but not terrible, but the sand was HOT. We still had great time.
Rori, feeling left behind and overwhelmed at the climb.

family jump

A lot of time (and energy) was spent helping the littles climb back up the hill. It involved a lot of pushing on their buts and me sliding back down. George opted to just carry them up. Show- off.

and somebody should have warned Dexter that his face was gonna look like this....

if he did this.

On Tuesday, our friends the Childs, drove up from Salt Lake. We did some more tubing and then Wednesday morning we were off and brought their 2 girls home with us. Full car!
"I would like 6 happy meals please..."



Amy July 12, 2009 at 5:21 PM  

So fun I loved going to the Sand Dunes in Saitn Anthony. Good memories there looks like you made some to.

Henrie July 12, 2009 at 11:27 PM  

I am so bitter that we weren't there at the same time as you. I hope you guys might be able to come back. I'm there until August 20th. Miss you guys!


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