11 April 2009

week long

.long post.

This week, like most, is kinda fuzzy. But I want to get it down before I lose it completely.

Dance for Lilli. Then Charity Bowling. Lilli bowled a 58, Dexter a 45, me an 85, and George somewhere around 13o. And I literally fell on my butt. On film. Yes George has it on film. I will let you watch it if you sponsor my 85 pins.

not the best photo, but you can see he got a strike

I had 2 shoots for Calie's store, COCO. I blogged about it here. Yes, I am getting this blog up and running again, why not? Soccer practice for D-house.


Lilli's friend party. Last year I went all out. And I was exhausted by the end. I learned my lesson, and this year I hardly did anything. They colored fairy pictures that I printed out. They ate corn dogs and pretzels, listened to Lilli be slightly bossy (according to some partygoers), and decorated their own cupcakes. See? Lazy. But hey, I still had plenty of energy by then end of the party and so Lilli had a fun party and a happy mom. Win win if you ask me.
George had a pretty hard day at the school. Cancelled contracts, owing people money etc. He rarely gets down... he was down.

Worked in the morning. Aidan came over. I love when Aidan comes over because he loves our toys more than my kids do. He kicks his feet out for me to take off his shoes, shows me his shirt, and then heads to the playroom and I don't see him again until lunch. It's awesome. I'm sure he is fine up there, Stace. Dan took George out to lunch. Piano for Dexter. 2 Offices, Parks & Rec and 30 Rock and I will watch you soon Survivor.

Took the kids to Heather's as per our weekly exchange although I was sure it was my week to have the kids. As I headed into the garage to leave, Aidan was crying and the kids reported that "Rori hit Aidan like 10 times." So Rori stayed with me ("how sad...") and we met up with G and a banker to buy our minivan. Yes, full committal. It has served us well. And hopefully it will serve us well for 5 more years.

This month we have been trying to buy ANY extras. (The van is not an extra in this case.) There was some challenge in some magazine some months ago that some people tried. Vague. So I thought this month we should try some version of that. We are only spending money at the grocery store for "essential food purchases" and gas. But we slightly broke that after the bank and went to Kung-fu Panna Express for lunch. But we are back on. NO spending. It is an interesting mind set. There are things that I have thought - "oh I need to run to the store and get this... " and remembered our commitment and then realized we don't really need it. It has been good for me this month. Of course this just means unbridled spending for all of May. The kids coaches think we are lame parents, I know, because we can't find their soccer balls and I am not going to buy any, so I get great looks everytime we show up. Oh, well. We don't NEED them. Borrowing is awesome.

George had a great day at the school. He also accounted for some legal work he did that he had not before - and just want to say that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers, is aware of us and loves us. I have such a testimony of paying our tithing. Soccer practice for Lilli. McDonald's nuggets, fries, and white cheddar popcorn for dinner for me. Awesome. And I watched like all 4 hours of Middlemarch on our new Netflix account, gracias Tyler.

Today, Saturday:
D-house soccer game which George took him to. Apparently he figured something out and scored like 4 goals. Wish I had been there. Daines Family Easter Egg grab-out-of-large-basket because it rained all morning and hot dog lunch. Thanks Mom for all the food and fun! (photos to come) Lilli soccer game, baths and blog time! First Primary Presidency mtg tonight.

Tomorrow, Easter Sunday:
Photo opps, Abigail's Baby Blessing, primary (we're on!), Easter/Dad's birthday dinner.

Happy Easter.


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