03 April 2009


Lilli then...

Lilli yesterday...

her own box of Lucky Charms

brunch with the 2 birthday girls, Lilli & Staci @ the Cottage Cafe

a day at the Salon...
for time with Dad,
fancy hair,
& sparkly nails.

package from Mimi & Grandpa

family concert, pants not required

fairy cake & candles

one happy, wonderful, fun, spirited, creative, imaginative, beautiful, thoughtful, smart, artistic, talented, beloved 6 year old girl.

we love our lilli-girl.


erin April 4, 2009 at 12:16 PM  

I love talking to Lilli on the phone! She has so much to say and is so happy and loving (we argue about who loves who more). I loved hearing all about her birthday from her-and now seeing the pictures makes the day complete! Tell Lilli I love her all the numbers to infinity and beyond!


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