14 February 2009

think pink

I love these guys.

Since I have been counting calories (and not exercising) I have stopped most baking. Yes, I hate to cook, but always enjoy baking. The rewards of that labor are so worth it and last longer than 5 minutes and are more appreciated by the general household, than say chicken enchilada casserole and they hide better in cupboards.

But in honor of Pink Day, I busted out some heart shaped silicone cupcake holders, and some aluminum ones, and let the kids help make some cupcakes. Too many chefs?
notice the aprons, Mom?

the clean up crew

Last night we went to a ROCKIN' party. I will post pictures soon - we are happy to have found people that like to dress up as much as George does.

After Lilli & Dexter got back from art class this morning (self portraits!), I gave the kids their Valentine's bags.

I won some major points. Thank you to Target and their great Valentine's day selections. (And yes, I definitely put them in some great light before I let them open their bags. it's all about the light.)

Oh, and spending Saturday without your spouse is awesome. Especially Valentine's Saturday.

Luckily we have relatives who are willing to watch the kids for us tonight so we can go to another party..... Valentine's themed white elephant gift exchange involved....


The Wright Stuff February 15, 2009 at 5:53 PM  

Those cupcakes were divine! Thank you for sharing! Compliments to the chef (s)! :) Happy Valentine's Day!


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