12 February 2009

super saturday

so this is way late... so what?

Saturday was kinda crazy. I don't even remember the day entirely, but I wanted to recap some highlights.

6:30 Lilli wakes up and gets dressed to go with George to work. She can't find him (he's in the basement jumping rope) so she goes back to bed

7:30 Lilli finds George and goes to School with him. Gets hair curled, fawned over and helps prepare for Fashion Show. (BTW STEVEN - everyone thought it was YOU that wrote those signs on the jugs, not Lilli)

10:30 meeting with THE Stacy Julian.

12:00 get D-house off to part 2 of a birthday party extravaganza

1:30 art show for Lilli. She just started last week, but she got 2 projects done for the art show. i have to say i was SO impressed. Thank you Annette and the Art Chalet for letting my daughter come on TRADE! Love it.

somewhere around this time i had a protein shake.

4:30 Dexter home from rollerskating, sans new black jacket that i loved.

5:30 drop off girls at grandma's so I can go to the Fashion Show.

7:00 Fashion Show

my favorite.

The future professionals did such a great job putting the whole thing together. I think they raised around $500. The room was packed! Standing room only. Some made their own costumes... it was great. Something different and fun for Spokaloo.

So that's that.


Princess & Pirate Day
Bring your kids to get their hair done like
Princesses and Pirates
Saturday the 21st
(i think!)


Brooke February 12, 2009 at 7:45 PM  

I wish we could go. Abbie thinks she is a princess and she is of course and Carter is very into pirates. How perfect!


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