01 February 2009

a brunt week

this week:

Monday: school, dance, Target for Assets (if you know what I'm talkin'), dinner.
Tuesday: phone calls, emails, cleaning, dinner, Heritage Makers workshop and bed.

Wednesday: Chocolate muffins, counting calories with my LOSE -IT app, protein shake and then GUY-NO or Girls Night Out with the ladies from 12th. We ate at Rock City (which feels like it should be hosting a GGW or something) and then saw Bride Wars which I surprisingly enjoyed more than I ever thought I would. It was a great night. Got to reconnect with some friends.

Thursday: LATE START (still not a fan). [For those of you who don't live here - For some reason our school has late start EVERY Thursday, meaning the kids start an hour later EVERY Thursday so the teachers get an extra long breakfast or something. LAME. Actually it is nice to have one morning that I don't have to wake Dexter up and RUSH him out the door. But of course - THURSDAY LATE START is the day he wakes up bright eyed at 7:00 AM!!] Where was I? Late start, protein shake, dried mangos, piano lessons and the LOVE & LOGIC class. Heather - you are doing great! I have so much less anger and frustration already! It's awesome. Then it was 3 episodes of American Idol, one episode of Biggest Loser and one large bowl of stove popped pop corn - heavy on the salt.

I LOVE ryan seacrest. He has his own website. See you there.

Friday: Multigrain Cheerios, Elise's birthday party (when I picked Lilli up from the party she and Jane were crying because they apparently didn't get the large jar of the KIND of candy they wanted. Another little girl consoled Lilli lovingly on the stairs. Hopefully Lilli couldn't see me laughing at her through her curtain of tears.) grilled cheese sandwich - double on the cheese, add havarti, hold the healthy, Back to School Night at Paul Mitchell, basketball double header for G, Kung Fu Panda, and party in the fort for Elise's birthday.

Saturday: Clean bedrooms to earn trip to storytime at Library, elephant themed stories but Rori shared with the group that Santa brought her candy at Christmas, Lilli off to G'ma's to make cookies, Rori & Mercer napped, Dexter played magnets and piano and took a long bath, I attempted a sewing project, then dinner, monthly Daines dessert night at Kevin & Heather's (tried the gluten-free brownies - not a fan) bed for kids, and Ocean's 13 for adults.

Today: Church with no major catastrophes or yelling during the meetings, G & I teach the 4 & 5 years old now, end of fast snack which included about 13 butter cookies, photo session with the girls in matching dresses (which Lilli obligingly put on because even though she chose this one off the Shabby Apple website - it is itchy), and then dinner at Great Grandma's.

We made it.



Jessica February 1, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

Is it because they are cousins that they thought it was appropriate to bawl when someone handed them a big jar of candy, or what?

How embarrassing.

Anonymous February 3, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

Will the "ASSETS" help me look like J-LO?

It was so much fun to see you! I miss you (and Logan misses Dexter and Hailey misses Mercer!) :)

Anonymous February 3, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

No wonder you are such a great mom! Love and Logic! I didn't know they had classes. Cool! I love the book! Years before having a kid, I bought a cassette tape at a garage sale and liked it. I am impressed that with all your skills and experience, you would still go to a class to be even better!


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