15 December 2008

What's Up Dog?

George tried this joke at dinner tonight with the kids.

"Dexter, it smells like up dog in here."
No response.

"Mercer, it smells like up dog in here."
"I don't know what that is."


This past Saturday, in honor of the season and the arts, some of the Daines lasses headed downtown for the Nutcracker. First we dined at the Onion, which was excellent and Sydni's macaroni and cheese was calling my name. But I resisted on account of she was hungry and ate it all herself. Lilli's spaghetti - not so much.

Then we walked the 2 blocks over the the Performing Arts Center which was so odd to me because I knew it as the Opera House and the last time I was in there was for my high school graduation. (Spokane does have quite an attractive downtown.)We enjoyed the Nutcracker. For the first half. I had never seen it before and did not realize that the entirety of the plot took place in the first 15 minutes. I think I need more singing or something.

We DID have a good time despite the look on Lilli's snooty cat face. ;)

*** Update***
Rori's blanket has been found! It was in a box, inside of another box (moving and whatnot). Lilli had "forgotten" that she had hid it from Rori. Nice. Snooty Cat.

Tonight for FHE we had a lesson about what happens to us after we die.
Mercer has been confused lately - asking if we die again after we die. Most of his prayers include "Please bless that all the babies and todd-ell-ers can't die. And please bless that we will stay alive forever." etc.
So George felt is was time for some clarification. It is difficult, to put it mildly to conduct a spiritual, important lesson with an interrupting, spirited, hyper, attention-needing 7 year old. But hopefully Mercer got a little something out of it.

But maybe not. In his family prayer tonight, he still prayed that we would never ever get dead.

The 15th has come and is almost gone - and the house is not done. Hopefully it will be done by 9:00 am Saturday morning, because that is when we are moving in. Despite the fact that Friday night we are reaching a whopping 4 degrees!!! For those who don't live in Spokane - our high for this whole week is 19*.
Sunday after church, in our soon to be new family room.


Amy December 15, 2008 at 10:28 PM  

The walls look great and I love the trim. When you get setteled will have to come see it. How Fun. Let us know if need any help moving I am volunteering my husband:).


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