08 September 2008

stone cold strangers

With a new school year upon us, activities, social functions, soccer games and park dates, we thought it prudent to have the STRANGER talk with our kids again.

To accomplish this, we thought we'd sweeten the subject a bit with a trip to Cold Stone. Thanks to Devri, one of George's partners, this treat was free. She has sent each of the kids a gift card for their birthdays and we had them saved up until this most especial night.

So we are talking about strangers; good strangers, bad strangers, ugly strangers, helpful strangers... all kinds. We talk about all different kinds of situations and how strangers play into different settings. Like, "At the grocery store, if the clerk says hello to you and Mom or Dad was right there with you, can you say 'hello'?" "NOOOO!" Okay, so we still had a little clarification to do.

And to prove that, as we are getting back on the freeway, Mercer says, "And if a stranger is not really a man, but a robot, then you can cut him with a scissor!"

Me: Birthday Cake Remix but with chocolate cake batter ice cream -LOVE IT
Mercer: bowl of M&M's
Rori: Chocolate Cake Batter with sprinkles - KID'S
Lilli: Cotton Candy with white chocolate chips and chocolate chips - KID'S
George: Strawberries, bananas, graham cracker crust, extra strawberries - GOTTA HAVE IT
Dexter: Tart & Tangy with gummy bears - KID'S


The Lovells September 9, 2008 at 3:31 PM  

I love four year olds...random is what I call Letty all of the time, but sadly most of it makes perfect sense in a weird sort of way. Now I want ice cream, thanks a lot! :)

LosPeterson September 10, 2008 at 6:20 AM  

I totally agree. You should always cut fake men robots with scissor.

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