25 September 2008

people are people

I am always trying to get kids to "go and color" or draw me a picture. I think because I am so bad at it, I love to see what they come up with. D and Lills are quite the little artists. They love to draw pictures of different things. I have a very happy memory of earlier this year when Dexter took a little pad of paper and tried to think of everyone's favorite things. He drew a little picture of that item for them and put on the threshold of everyone's rooms so they would find it first thing in the morning to make them happy. "Dad, what do you think Lilli likes?" So sweet. I still have mine, I used it as a book mark for a long time.

Mercer is not quite as excited about art as his 2 older siblings, so when he came out of Primary with these 2 pictures last month, I was very excited.
These next 3 are Lilli's from the past few months... Her people have slowly started evolving.

This one makes me get watery eyed... I love this little boy.
Dexter: Self Portrait in lead and eraser; September 08


Nicki September 26, 2008 at 4:42 AM  

I love little kids drawings! Too cute, thanks for sharing!


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