13 September 2008

Dear Dance Teacher,

Dear Dance Teacher,
I write you this letter to say thank you. Thank you for several things really. But I will start with the first things first.
First of all, thank you for being a fantastic dance teacher. I really mean that. You are amazing with the girls. You are always smiling and that joy from you reaches them and helps them enjoy coming to ballet class.

You are so positive. I have never heard you correct the girls in a negative way, or get after them for skipping when they should be on their toes. I have never seen you frown or roll your eyes when they are counting 1,2,1,2,1,2 when they should be counting 1 & 2 & 1 & 2 &.... I love the way you treat them and let them enjoy the process of becoming ballerinas. You let them be the princesses that they believe they are.

Thank you also for the beautiful dance studio. I love the little waiting room with the one way glass so we can watch the girls and not disturb them. And thanks for the crayons and blocks in the waiting room for all the siblings who sit there and want to just smash their faces on said one-way glass, but instead have other toys to play with. I also love that you have older dancers assist in the classes; to help tie shoots, pull up leotards after a potty emergency and point little bodies in the right direction.
And now, a few more things I owe you some thanks for.
Thank you for changing the format of the dance recital for the coming year. I am so grateful to not have to drive quite as far to see Lilli dance this year. I am also grateful that you have split up the performers into a little performers group one night and the older girls another night. Sitting through almost 3 hours of a dance recital to watch my daughter for only 4 minutes was unbearable.

Watching one particular male choreographer choreograph himself into EVERY SINGLE NUMBER with solos for himself in every single style was BEYOND! It was more than painful to watch him lifting young high school girls in romantic ways. It was excruciating and embarrassing to see him sweating in his duet to "It's Too Late To Apologize" where he played the role of 'the too good for her, no way he could take her back because he'd been there done that' with a high school girl. It was too much watching him try to break dance. AND tap dance. AND jazz dance. AND fluffy fingers. Oh, wait. Not the last one. Anyway, TOO MUCH. I am sure he is a nice enough guy and maybe even a great teacher... but this dance recital should NOT be his showcase. So I just have to thank you in advance for what I know is going to be a much better dance recital this year.

Thank you again. And again. I am excited for a great new dance year. Lilli loves every minute of it, thanks to you. :)

mother of a 5 year old


Marianne September 16, 2008 at 10:50 AM  

Okay, I can completely picture the dancer guy you described and the awkwardness. That made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

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