15 July 2008

reunion wrap-up

So the reunion ended last week, but our memories will last forever.... if I blog them. So here are some more photos I tracked down - a few from our Patriotic Parade, just prior to the talent show.

And then here are a bunch from the awesome Obstacle Course at my uncle's house -
Jarom getting ready to jump in the boat
Syd trying to hook the alligator/crocodile - seriously tougher than it looks
carrying the ball with field hockey sticks
Austin finishing with an amazing time - 30 seconds better than mine.
Dexter touches the finish line
Steven going for the gold - and looking awesome.
We all gathered Sunday evening for Hawaiian Haystacks in Grandma's backyard. (I realize we look a little WT - but it wasn't. OK - kinda was.) We heard a little about our heritage - English Warriors and Viking Sailors, and watched a little slide show with images from our past and then listened to a small speech by my Grandma, who was thankful to have us all there.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work. It was a great reunion. See you all again in 4 years or so. :)


Camille July 15, 2008 at 6:42 PM  

Love the pics of your kids...jealous seriously that I don't have your talent! Scary pool story, I to have had close calls. Enjoy Macks!

Stevy D July 16, 2008 at 12:32 PM  

My children will forever look at my picture in the pool and know how cool i was; and where they get thei awesomeness.


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