21 March 2008

A California Wedding

So we got back on Monday (at midnight Darling) from our escape to California. We went down for George's cousin's wedding. But we enjoyed several California Specialties... (I know not all of these are singular to California, but for my own purposes in this post - they are)

2. Pinkberry's
3. RUBIO's
4. Houston's

Oh, yeah... we did do other stuff besides eat...

5. Jayme's pool

6. Korean Signs with about 25 people - Brian is evil...."faster, ahhh suhh."
7. Pasta Bar
8. Ice Cream bar

Oh, yeah... less about the eating...

9. So much wonderful family that we hadn't seen in years

10. and the Wedding. Congratulations to Devon and Mark. I have NEVER seen a bride look like she was seriously going to burst and millions of little lights would be released into the universe. It was incredible.

I have lots more pictures to post and more to say, but not right this very second....



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