19 September 2007

New York, New York

With the aid of an army of family, George and I made it to New York. By ourselves. Alone. No kids! For our triumphant return, we visited some old haunts and checked out some new ones. I think we walked at least 15 miles, including 1/2 way across the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, only half way. Say what you will. We ate, shopped, tried Pinkberry's, twice, shopped some more, and walked again. Some new sites - New York Public Library, Chris & Rene's new baby- Gunnar, some new parks, and the Saigon Grill. We had an incredible time together. Thank you so much to all the family for making this possible. Mom, for taking care of Dexter; Kevin & Heather for taking Lilli; Steven & Cassie for having Mercer; George & Leslie for watching Ro; Ashley & Seth for sleeping 4 to a room to let us stay with you. Good luck Erin. Thanks again to all. We can't say it enough.



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