19 September 2007

A Blog of Our Very Own

Hello. I recently learned from my sister-in-law what a blog was, and how easy it is to create one of my own. So here I am, doing it. Look at me, I blog. On my first try! We are in Spokane now. And our 4 darlings. We have moved 11 times now, I think. Good times.

Dexter is now 6 and in 1st grade.
He loves soccer and race cars, chocolate muffins and his own energy. He is a wonderful big brother, good at looking out for his sisters, making his bed when he remembers, being happy, talking things through, brightening our day with his smile. First grade has been an adjustment. It is a long day, as anyone who has ever had a first grader would probably and has probably said. I wonder how many times that has been said by parents of this age group. Lots. Several maybe. Dexter is a true joy. I miss him when he is gone all day. And weekends are too short. He is our true puppy dog. Shadowing our movements about the house, energy, attention, reassurance and affection.
Lilli is now 4 and 1/2. Nearly 16. Necklaces and nail polish. Lip gloss and lazy sleeping in. Drama and deep thoughts. She is in her second year of preschool, now with Teacher Barbara. "Lilli, I'll walk you in 'cause it's your first day of school." "Um, no. I can do it myself." My mom's reaction to that account, "Oh, she's just like you!!" Oh, no. Lilli is just girl and floweriness and pinkness. Sparkle and rain coming through sunlight. She may have a flair for the dramatic, but she is amazingly creative, imaginative and funny. She is growing up so fast. Each day that rises brings new phrases from friends, trendy new ways to wear jewelry as well as sweetness. She is our kitty cat. She cuddles when she wants to cuddle and will then slink away for a few hours. She strongly requests lengthy back rubs and we are not permitted to stop until she has reached the perfect level of relaxation.

Mercer is sunshine itself, come down from the sky to float around in our world. Warm, happy, comforting, effortless. He's 3. I never want him to change. But I also felt that way when he was almost 2. Trains, sand, trucks, books and going "willy fast". His lisp, those cheeks, yellow hair, blue eyes - he gets the ladies' attention. Mercer lays it on pretty thick. But he is innocent. He doesn't even know it when he asks for something like "another snack, please" how necessary it is for me to say no because I said no to everyone else, but how it is just impossible to deny him. I signed him up for preschool the day before it started because I was not sure I wanted to let him go. But he is having a great time. I miss his smile for those few hours, and when I pick him up, I have been welcomed back into the glow.
Our Rori, Ro-Ro, is so much fun. She laughs, she cries, she eats, she sleeps and so much more!! We knew we needed Rori in our family before she was even born. She was to be the peacemaker, and she did bring so much peace into our home. Until she started crawling. And now she walks. And talks. She is a joy. She roars and yelps. She likes to poke our teeth and laugh. Hmmm. She likes to run away as soon as you call her name. She likes to catch our tongues and look for her belly button. She climbs into the shower, fully clothed, to play with shampoo bottles, or outside into the sandbox, fully clothed. Rori is a mixture of the others, all the goodness mixed together in one warm, little body.

That's it for now. My freshman run. I have been informed that a blog should not be this long. Sorry. Next time, I will enshorten it.


Erin September 19, 2007 at 8:32 PM  

What gorgeous children. Who knew you had 4 kids already? Okay, surely most everyone. But I didn't! Glad to know. You write so beautifully about them--your adoration shines through. What a fun glimpse into your family.
So welcome to the blogging world. And with great descriptions and photos like these, you may someday want to print your blog entries (I've given up scrapbooking--not that I ever really did that much or enjoyed it--in favor of blogging and getting some of my posts printed and bound). Anyway, if you're interested, there are lots of different services, and blurb.com is one I really like. I swear I have no affiliation or profit-sharing with them...just a fan.
Glad life is good. What took you back to Spokane?
Erin Hakes
P.S. I like the long posts. If people don't want to read long ones, they can skim. Some people (like me, who have lost complete touch) like long. And we, in turn, make all-too-long comments too. Oops.

George September 19, 2007 at 9:30 PM  

I loved the blog. You are so creative and descriptive in your descriptions. This will be really fun for us to follow. Way to blog!

5-Wheeler September 19, 2007 at 11:32 PM  

I miss your cute family. I love the story line that accompanies your gorgeous pics. As for "blogging etiquitte", who wrote that book anyway?

Vallente September 20, 2007 at 7:30 AM  

You're kids are so beautiful. Blogging is great. We have one too. Life treating you well in Spokane? Sounds like it. I'm excited to check in on you guys. Much love.
Karen Vallente

Annette Taylor September 22, 2007 at 9:08 AM  

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you both had a great trip.

Love the way you did your blog, Randi. Great photos to show off your cute kids.

Annette (George's aunt)


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