21 July 2009


I have struggled with finding a good system for our chores. I had rotating wheel chart, but we could never remember which way we had turned it. I had a cork board with smiley faces and pictures that fell off and never got rotated... follow through is not my strong point.

Finally I decided to make this!

I bought a 18x24 poster credit through Heritage Makers (about $13) and made my own chart. It arrived about 6 days later and then George took it to Kinkos yesterday and had it laminated ($9). Then I took some very fancy painter's tape and taped inside our cupboard. I can't even describe how excited the kids were. It was ridiculous. They were EXCITED to get their chores done yesterday - hilarious.

I realize that Mercer does NOT look excited in this photo - however we had just gotten back from a walk. I was inviting all our neighbors to my OPEN HOUSE on Thursday morning. AND YOU ARE INVITED TOO!

Thursday July 23rd Morning, 10-12.
My house. (if you need directions, email me: randi@brunts.org)
Open house and showcase.


There is our bi-monthly digi-crop

Thursday July 23rd evening, 7-9
23403 E. Mission Ave (2nd floor, Computer Training Lab)

Workshop & Training

You are invited to either or both!

Come make a chore chart even! :) The possibilities are endless.



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