04 June 2009

2 days of my boys

Tuesday, 4:30 pm. Outside. Best light that day.

their matching "bug shoes". this post sponsored by OLD NAVY.

Tuesday, 7:00 pm. Inside. Save the Plants, starring Dexter G as Peapod #1 and Aphid #1.

Tuesday, 8:00 pm. Outside. The supporting crew. Orangey sunset glow.

Wednesday, 6:00 pm. First ever studio light set up inside PMTS.

Hats provided by uncle Ryan, brought back from Peru. Thank you Ryan!!

I love my boys.
Crazy, loud, busy, wiggly, silly, gross, funny, happy, ridiculous, warm, sweet, smart, energetic, fast, pale and wonderful.


Nate and Amy Family June 4, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

I love the "boy" pictues- especially the studio light shots- they look amazing! You're in business with those! Their red hair is so stunning in photos. I love it! Your photos inspire me!


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