23 April 2009

poop snake

it has been a long time. and not for any REAL good reason.

here's what's been going on...

Last Saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn, like 5:20 am, and got ready for my day in Seattle. George drove me to the airport and I enjoyed a whole 35 minuted flight all by myself. I got to Seattle and the sun was shining. It was going to be a good day. I got my rental car and headed to my first photo shoot at Carkeek Park. It is a must if you are going to Seattle and have kids. Such an amazing park.

I met up with a great family all documented here. (How do I luck out??)

After the park I headed downtown to Pioneer square and met up with Bianca's family. They are so international - it was cool. Germany, Switzerland, Australia & now Seattle. Their photos will be up soon.

After my shoots I went to a Japanese terraced park that was a little run down but had an amazing view and blooming blossoms. It was so nice.

I got back to the airport a little early so I would have time to read. It was such a relaxing great day. On the flight back, I felt something on my tongue - hmmm cement from the "retaining" wire on my lower teeth. Dental emergency. On a Saturday night. Luckily G's home teaching partner is a pediatric dentist. The chair was small, but the service - awesome.

It was also my mom's birthday Saturday. But she whisked herself away to Utah so - no party.

Sunday we had to speak in church. Faith in trials. I studied. I pondered. I prayed. I still gave a kind of pathetic talk. I really have a hard time speaking in church. George's was amazing. As I was listening to his - I had an insight from the spirit. I keep having the same trials because I am not passing the test. I fail everytime. I go through the same few trials again and again because I am not learning what I need to learn. I lack the faith through them that I should have. It was a great revelation for me. And I am glad that we had to speak for that reason alone. Since Sunday my attitude about a few certain sore spots in my life has totally changed.

For primary, I am in charge of taking a photo of each child so we can learn all their names and also for a little Mother's Day project. I really want to post some of them. No words. Maybe I will soon.... :) Here's Rori's to give you an idea.

Sunday night we had the quarterly Daines Family Home Evening at my Grandma's house. I should have taken some pictures. My aunt Suzanne did a great lesson about spring and we had cups of dirt and worms for dessert. It was a lot of fun.

Monday after dance we had a good FHE with the Seligers about the importance of family prayer. How family prayers bring families closer together and closer to Christ. It was great.

That night for family prayer, I prayed that Dexter would practice the piano.

Also on Monday night - the most amazing thing happened. We were given a laundry basket full of delicious, soft, moist, chewy, fresh, tender,

Grandma Sycamore's Homemaid Bread.

Ohhhhh it has been months without this goodness. Thank you so much to aunt Michele and uncle Ken for bringing it all the way back for us. Hope you kept some for yourselves....

So now that Rori is almost completely potty trained we are still just working on one thing: not holding the poop in for 3 days.

Last night as she was sitting at the table eating her chocolate chip cookie (after 1/3 the container is almost gone, I decided to actually BAKE the Tollhouse cookie dough) she started screaming OW and holding her butt. I picked her up and ran her to the toilet. She has some sort of irrational fear about pooping in the toilet.

I will spare you the details but Mercer went and checked it out. He came back with the most disgusted and confused look on his face. "That was like adult poop!"

As Rori is flushing, "Bye bye poop snake!"

"We should cut the poop snake in half."



Luke and Mel April 26, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

Love that picture of your mom.


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