25 March 2009

see the Brunts bowl

Okay People.
WE need your help.
Paul Mitchell the School Spokane is having a bowl-a-thon. Meaning we are going bowling to raise money for the various charities that we have been raising money for for the past 3 months.

We are going bowling.


So here's the deal. Sponsor me. A penny a point. A nickel a point. $1 a point if you are doubting my skills. Whatever you want. For every person that sponsors me, whatever the size of your donation... I will take one of your favorite photos, run it through some photoshop magicalness and give you back 3 different versions of your image for your enjoying pleasure.

The top sponsor-er, will also receive an 8x10 of their favorite photo mounted on foam board for further viewing pleasure.

SOOOOO... please email or leave a comment and sponsor me!! If I don't get any sponsors, I will be:

a. extremely depressed
b. extremely embarrassed
c. extremely bored
d. extremely hungry

Check back in a week and a half for the answer to that question.

PLEASE PLEASE SPONSOR ME! I will be bowling on April 6th. I will be collecting checks/cash/coins on April 7th.

So sign up, send me your favorite photo and then sit back and wait. :)

Thank you!!!!! My main goal, really, is to raise more money than George. He can't photoshop.

Also - if you would like to join us and get sponsored yourself.... let us know!


Pineapple Princess March 25, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

Shoots. You found me. Your photo blog stalker. I think I did comment once, so maybe not stalker, but devoted fan. I can't help it, I love your style. We have the same camera, so maybe someday I might be able to take a few shots almost as good as yours.

I found you thru Jessica. She's cool!


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