06 January 2009

Grand Opening

Like I said, it was a great night. It started off with George and his dad going to the airport to pick up John Paul and his crew from off his private jet.

The chamber of commerce came - green jackets? Check. Red ribbon on a spool? Check. Extra Grande scissors? Check. Smaller scissors that actually cut? Check. Random girls in crowns? Check.
The owners of Paul Mitchell the School, Spokane.

It was a proud night for me. So proud of George and all that he has worked towards for the past 2 years. Almost exactly.
It was almost exactly 2 years ago that we took a road trip to UT from CA to visit friends and stay with Steven & Cassie in their 2 bdrm apartment with our 4 kids, and we were worried about getting home to get G back to work because of all the lame politics going on there - and he called his friend Matt and Matt said, "Don't hurry home." Well, as soon as we got home, George came home from work and said, "I am out of a job." Just a week before, on my birthday, we had gone to play tennis while G's parents watched the kids for us. It turned out to be too windy to play tennis, so we went for a walk instead. (I think we actually raced too.) Anyway, it was on that walk that we felt like it was time to start thinking of a back up plan. And THIS was it.

He's been teased, tormented, questioned, shoved and ridiculed. ;) But I am so proud of G and so excited that the school is up and running. And the Grand Opening was a great night to put it all in to place for us.

my siblings are all the tall ones in the back.

And yes T, the light was up and running.

Now you can come in and get a haircut!


Nicki January 7, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

Wow! How exciting, Randi! I'm so happy for you guys and the whole story about the back up plan is interesting! I'm curious though, how it became an idea? I mean, I'm sure not anyone can just up and start a Paul Mitchell School and why a Paul Mitchell School? How come not a Music school? It's all just very exciting to see it all come to past! I hope it's very successful! And by the way, I really am glad that things are working out there for you guys, you seem so happy!!


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