25 December 2008

a Brunt Family Christmas 08

Christmas Eve Eve
We are in.
Our BFFs Steven & Cassie got us a Christmas tree on Saturday while they were watching the boys for us while we were moving. Thank you to ALL of those of you who helped us move. Watching kids or lifting dressers. Thank you. It was so cold....

Thank you.

So the kids decorated the tree Monday night, after it thawed. Yes, Mercer is shirtless. Apparently it was just so hot. Dexter was missing because he sat on his fingers and bent them and was too injured to feel up to participating... He's fine now.

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve, we all went out and played in the snow together. George took command of the snowman and Lilli was patting him too much and not really helping, so we found the arms and a few rocks for the face. We had to dig for the rocks. It is fun having so much snow and no where to go. :) Tyler had fun throwing the kids into the snow.
For our Christmas Eve dinner, we had cheese fondue, thanks to Sarah again for this recipe. We have had this for a few years now on Christmas Eve. The kids had fun with it. Even though the cheese was a little different. We used cheddar as well as jarlsburg and gruyere. I wouldn't do the jarlsburg again. Then we had chocolate fondue for dessert. I think the marshmallows were the hit. Although George liked the bananas best and I was into the vanilla wafers.
sparking cider too!

Traditional Christmas Eve jammies from Mimi & Grandpa! THANK YOU!

we snuck over to the Seligerplex and watched Houseguest after the kids were all snug in their beds.

Christmas Day
Christmas morning, coming down our uncarpeted stairs. :)

No carpet.
But we have our health, our family, a new beautiful warm home and our testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Peace on earth, and good will to men.

Merry Christmas from the Brunts.


ALEX & KARI December 26, 2008 at 12:21 PM  

We always have cheese fondue at my in-laws on Christmas Eve. Such a fun, yummy tradition!

Your new house is beautiful! Merry (late) Christmas!

Candy December 26, 2008 at 11:12 PM  

I love your blog. It is the only one that is always current. So I read it late at night. Guess what? It is your b-day in an hour. Happy happy birthday to a great running partner, business partner, photographer, and friend. May your next year be at least as good to you as this one was. I mean it will be tough to beat don't you think.... how could it possibly be more eventful.

Thanks for your inspiring example and your amazing support.

I hope we can enjoy many years together as running partners (when the snow leaves and my belly returns to a somewhat normal size) and all the above, esp. the friend part.

You rule, and as my gift I was going to buy you a nice big box of Cee's candy. Then I thought you would think that was mean as we haven't been exercising for some time... haha

You DO owe me a lunch date, pregnant lady gets to pick and buy!
I will go anytime this week, but I am too chicken to drive, so you might have to do it?? (yes I am Canadian and my husband would be embarrassed that I hate driving in snow).



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