30 October 2008

still alive

in the past 30 days,
I have had 27 photo shoots....

so i am a little behind.
but still alive.

I feel like such a bad mom. Mercer just got his costume last night, on sale, at Target.
His party is today. I usually make their costumes, because I enjoy it - but I didn't have it in me this year.

The check out lady asked me if I was having a party. I said "No, I've just been a busy, bad mom." Can I win affection with little packs of bubbles, party plates, candy and some festive cups. I think the answer is YES.

California was great. I had 5 photo shoots there and then I went to Utah for a day and had 8 photo shoot there on Tuesday. Now I am back home - slightly drowning in reality.

Sometimes you just feel so inadequate. So presumptuous that you thought you could handle all that you took on and let fall in your lap.

Then, Rori comes and sits on your lap. Without you having to beg her and she tells you 3 times that she is going to be "prrrrrincess Halloween costume" and Mercer lets you cut his hair (terribly) and Dexter gets 3 teeth pulled and Lilli goes to bed early without a fight... and you know everything is just how it is meant to be.

And I am still alive.


Candy October 30, 2008 at 10:35 PM  

Thanks for putting into words how we all feel and thanks for always blogging. I read it and feel comforted. I need you to write. Keep it up. Your photography is beautiful I just did a canvas of the shot your took of me and T. I love it. LOVE IT! You are busy, but think of January... ahhhh...


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