13 October 2008


I really have no good reason for calling this sweet little city by this ridiculous name - it just kinda fits for me. Kinda cute. Maybe not.

Anyways - I am back. (and I will not go into detail about how I was welcomed home by being awaken at 6:30 by two children fighting over the toilet). I had a fantastic little trip to Chattanooga this weekend. I went to hang out with my friend Natalie. I jokingly said a few months ago to get some friends who wanted their pictures taken and I would fly out. Well, she did and I had no clue how far away Tennessee really was. Sadly. But I found a great deal and met 7 great new families (previews to come).

So Chattanooga, according to my vast traveling experience and expertise, has quite a bit to offer. It is clean and cute and has water and hills and bridges and great food, museums and an aquarium... It is really quite charming. I had no idea I would like it so much. I actually flew into Nashville and then drove 2 hours southeast to get to Chattanooger. I had no idea this state was so green and lush either. I need to get out more, really is what I am revealing here.
No zoning laws here, where Natalie lives. I kind of appreciate those more now. I didn't see people walking around with buckets of KFC, which honestly I was a little disappointed by or any kind of southern crazies (again a wee bit disappointing). But I did see some awesome homes and churches and interesting signs.

I didn't realize Rip was up for re-election this year.

On my way back to the airport, I took a little detour, as per the nice lady's advise on the plane ride coming in, and stopped in a little town called Sewanee. It is home to the University of the South. And it has an amazing campus, straight out of School Ties or Dead Poets. I was so glad I stopped by.

This nice lady also suggested that I eat at this restaurant - a former home of Al Capone. I didn't make it. I suggested to her that next time she eats at Dockside, to skip the fish and make her way to the Gooey's menu.

It is good to be home.


Natalie Jane October 14, 2008 at 1:27 PM  

Chattanooger misses you. Got to go, there is Shane with the KFC.


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