05 September 2008

back to school, back to school. to prove to dad i'm not a fool

So we've missed George lately. He has been crazy busy with getting the school ready to open (NOVEMBER 4th), as represented here by the Paul Mitchell black. So I was really glad he was able to take D to school for his first day.

"Did you pick out this shirt?"
"Oh........ Why?"
"Cause it has an eagle on it."
"Oh. Do you know what it says?"
"What does that mean?"

I obviously was NOT the one who took Dexter school shopping this year. It looks like a George shirt. His father's son. :)
Dexter liked his first day. Likes his teacher and has some friends from last year in there. Lot better than last years' first day. (He was not the only one crying when I left him that morning at his desk.)

I actually had a really fun back to school shopping date with Lilli. We picked out her outfit together and she was very mature and all grown - up. I was having such a great time that I even took her to CLAIRE'S (yes- that store is still around) to get the fancy necklace you see pictured. It broke on the way out of the mall so it is being held together by paperclips. I am sure her teacher loved that.
She's in afternoon kindergarten, so Thursday was just about the longest day of her life. She was ready with her back pack on by 9:30. School starts at 12:40 for her. (Therefore, long day for me too.)
She was so confident walking into her class, finding her seat, glaring at the boy next to her with a disgusted look after he pushed his chair in too close to hers - TOUCHING hers no less. I can't believe she's in kindergarten. I am not worried about her in the same way I worried about Dexter. I worry about her in very different ways...

So proud of my kids.
Today, I let them walk home together. I told them I would meet them at the corner to cross the big street. After about 20 minutes, I got worried. So I started up the street and saw them still a long way off. They were checking out people's yards, picking dandelions, looking at rocks... taking their sweet old time. I watched for 5 more minutes then decided to approach. "Hey Slowpokes!" "Mom! You were supposed to meet us at the corner." "You were taking too long." "Even if we are taking too long, you were supposed to meet us at the corner."

Dexter also told me that he felt like so much older today, "at least 8 or even 9", while waiting for his little sister. I am so glad she has someone to look out for her.


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