20 August 2008

please, send help.

I was reading blogs last night and came across a blog of a friend of a friend and I read in shock and sadness about a mom and husband who were recently in a small airplane crash.

The husband, Christian, has taken some pilot lessons and loves to fly. He and his wife, Stephanie, were out on a plane ride with an instructor when an engine failed and they crashed. The instructor passed away in the hospital with his family by his side. Christian and Stephanie are in critical condition in a hospital in Arizona. My heart hurts for them as I read about their 4 small children and how they both have severe burns and face months of recovery, skin grafts, rehab... etc.

PLEASE - check out these links.
This is her sister's blog - with the story and all the updates... She has links to the news coverage as well.

They have set up accounts for donations to help the family pay for all the impending medical bills. There is a pay pal link as well which I plan on contributing through (once it is working). Please donate if you can. $5 or $50.. it doesn't matter. It is a chance to serve and pray and watch the miracle of the Atonement and prayer.

Post this on your blog. Pass it on and please, send help.



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