24 August 2008

lone wolf

this post has no reference to Breaking Dawn.

George left yesterday for Detroit. Detroit? Random... some training for Paul Mitchell.

When George is out of town, I am so out of it. I have been known to put the milk away in the pantry, leave food around in odd places, lock and re-lock all the doors, stay up until 2:00 just because I can't go to sleep when he's gone... It's not that I am that scared or anything, its just that I am not myself. He completes me. (That is so awesome that I just got to say that.)
I want to stay in bed longer in the morning and not face the day... I don't fix big meals - chicken nuggets and macaroni is even pushing it. NO grocery shopping gets done. I get things done, but only in like robot mode. I tried to get the kids ready this morning for church without him being home and we were late. Tomorrow should be interesting. :)

Anyway... loves and misses G.


Amanda August 24, 2008 at 9:07 PM  

Love the title, but the pic could use some work. Maybe a certain Lone Wolf standing in the distance? Just a thought.

While I am rather adept at changing my computer background, I hope Tyler has also been sharing stories of my impressive babysitting record... I'm free all next week if George is back and you're in need of a date night :)

The Wright Stuff August 26, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

LOL I have to admit, I was curious about what you had to say about Jacob, but then I kept on reading. I hate when Rob's out of town too, especially over the weekend! We'll have Dexter over! ;) Hang in there!


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