19 August 2008

Boat Ride

What is it about being on a boat? I LOVE being on a boat. One of my happiest, like ridiculously giddy memories was of being on one of those snorkeling boats from maui to molokini (i think?) and on the way back I was on the front of the boat on a little plank that stretched out over the water. We were going really fast and no I wasn't 10. This was 7 years ago... Anyway, I love being on a boat.

This face says it all. She actually was very concerned about the wind the entire time and kept her hood wrapped around her head. But this look is how I feel on a boat. No laundry or custom PBJ & Honey sandwiches. No phones, or pee on the floor. No nothing.
Its like we are all trapped close together with the elements and the ability to harness speed.
We were supposed to go to a theme park today (one of Dexter's bday requests) but you can see from the clouds that it was threatening thunderstorms so we didn't go. By noon the kids were so restless, so we went out on the lake (there was no lightning) for a great ride. There was only one other boat on the lake... ahhh.

Last night there was some incredible lightning. I tried to capture it doing some time lapse photos... I missed it almost everytime. This was the best one I got. I also love lightning storms. There is just something about lightning storms. Ask Natalie....



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