08 July 2008


4 of my most favorite things:
. eating something chocolate
. getting into clean sheets after a long day and enjoying the prospect of sleeping
. getting behind my camera to see something new in someone
. road trips for the interesting/comedic talks with G
4 of my least favorite things:
. vegetables: ripe, juicy, squishy tomatoes, squashes - all kinds, all stages, et al.
. being woken up abruptly by anything or anyone
. being around a pool or beach without a swimsuit (I hate not even having the option of being able to swim)
. people chewing with their mouths open
4 things I want to do before I die:
. travel to Japan and China
. record an album with G
. own a home on a beach somewhere
. see my 4 children crazy happily married

2 things I would do over:
. college (different major - not much I can do with French)
. ?? (I can't think of anything ...)

2 things that make me the most happy
. movie nights
. G



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