21 June 2008

a little romance

My blog is romantic.

Not like Romeo and Juliette or Cary Grant- but picturesque and seemingly wonderful in its portrayal of our family's life.

For example - today we tried to "do something active!" and we took the kids and a niece to Corbin park. The idea was that George could play a little frisbee golf and I would hang with the kids and let them throw rocks in the river. (How nice of me, right?)

First we try to go for a little nature hike. My idea of having all the kids wear flip -flops so they could get their feet wet in the river did not fit into this part of the equation. Turns out Mercer does not know how to wear flip-flops. And Rori couldn't take 2 steps together without falling. Corbin park is rocky and like a wilderness to our city kids ("AHHHH - there's a bug! I think its a stink bug! Its getting closer!"). So far, we were losing.

So scratch the nature walk. Head back to the little beach...Crying shrieks. "I HAVE TO GO POTTY REALLY REALLY BAD! Its COMING OUT!" seriously? Hike back up the road and find the disgusting shanty of a bathroom. "I need to eat lunch. I am starving..."

It went on for another hour like this. George and I trying our hardest to be the one who got to be grouchy... We finally left.

"Okay, so that was not fun."
"No. Never again?"
"Sounds great."

pictures from this trip to Corbin park.....

***crickets chirping***

yeah... none. I don't want to remember this outing....

On a more romantic note...

I hate garage sales. No lie. I have rifled through like maybe 2 peoples things and didn't enjoy it. I don't like the DI or Value Village or anything like that (the smells or something) unless it is for our annual Christmas costume party. But this morning, we were running and due to a mutual lack of energy between our little group we stopped at a garage sale where a lady was just unloading her stuff. I sent George out later to pick up this!!

love it. perfectly our style. clean lines. old. beautiful.

anyone know how to fix the runners?


onegotaway June 23, 2008 at 10:16 AM  

That's awesome. We just went to the post falls park yesterday for a picinic and small hike, and made the comment we should have invited you guys. Guess we have our answer now.

Camille June 23, 2008 at 2:05 PM  

hilarious post, sounds like our outings. Lili is so pretty in her butterfly costume!


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