05 January 2008


30 things

I’m 30 now. It happened last weekish. It feels bigger than I am. So I need to compile a list of things to prove to myself that I am actually here. Depressed? No. Surprised.

1. My birth. It was nothing short of miraculous. Almost 11 pounds and I was a footling breach. Thanks mom.
2. Sprinklers

3. Swingset

4. Roller skates

5. Monica & Veronica - the red headed twins that saw me through from K-10.

6. Jenny. You were the best best friend. Love ya loser.

7. Washing the cars with my dad.

8. Walking to Tidewater with Dad and the boys. Quarters for vending machines, rolling chair races and beef jerky at the office on Saturdays so my mom could get something done. Thanks Dad.

9. The blue house

10. The white house

11. Soccer

12. Depeche Mode

13. Swim team at Logan

14. Moving to Spokane at age 16. It was such a good thing.

15. The Cure

16. Mel & Ron’s (two things but they go together)

17. Mr. Sullivan

18. Not gonna lie. BYU first year was tough, not academically. Thanks to my great roommates, I made it through.

19. Paris, 1997. Danielle & Lara

20. January 10, 1998. George asked me out for our first date. Art City Trolley.

21. February 15, 1998. Our first kiss.

22. Tommy Boy. Somehow George managed to propose after that.

23. Sunfall Festival

24. August 15, 1998

25. NYC

26. Dexter

27. Lilli

28. Mercer

29. Rori

30. Most of the stuff in between.


Nicki January 5, 2008 at 9:25 PM  

Happy Birthday, Randi.

Jessica January 8, 2008 at 3:36 PM  

Where in the world did you get your love for Depeche Mode? Just wondering...

Gloria May 30, 2008 at 12:39 AM  

Randi!! I'm so glad I ran in to your blog through my cousin Karen's blog... I was also happy to see that you made mention of your freshman year roommates on your top 30 list :) It's so good to see your beautiful family!


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