16 June 2008

I like summer so far.
(after one day)
Lilli is sleeping over at my sister's house (THANK YOU!), Rori took a 3 hour nap, Mercer is still crazy and Dexter is sick... which equals mellow. I actually had to figure out what to do for about an hour or so today. Not normal. I read. For all of 10 minutes before my eyelids voted against the intake of knowledge and for the improvement of beauty.

For Father's Day, I made George a german pancake - his favorite, we went to church and Dexter came home early not feeling well. Then by dinner time he was doing worse, so I stayed home with him and the rest of the family went to the SeligerPlex's kitchen for some steak stroganoff. George had to finish out the dinner rolls in my absence and did a great job.
Dexter threw up a few times. Poor guy. I remember the first time he threw up when he was about 2 years old. I heard him calling out and I went into his room. The smell greets you at the doorway... and then I heard this little voice

"mom, i spilled."



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